Episode Choose Your Story Cheats Treats and Worries

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats

Guys, the treat is this. Episode Choose Your Story Cheats is a creative and innovative online story board that allows you to choose your own story to read. Not only that, you get to write your story too. The cheats treat is that you can do all of this for free. Because it is well-known that your pocket money at this time cannot cover the expense of being a fully fledged member of this interactive story site that has a global reach.

Cheats or hacks give you passage to free gems and passes that allow you to move quickly to your next Episode Choose Your Story game. The free download tool is compatible with IOS and Android. By this time, your folks have gifted you with a smart mobile of your own. Or better still, you’ve worked hard through your school semester breaks to purchase your own state of the art modern mobile. Now you are smart and savvy and a true millennial.

Folks, the worry is that there have been parental concerns raised over the use of this spellbinding hack tool which has been designed for the attention of kids thirteen years old, or older. Getting past the concern about stories including under-aged characters drinking alcohol and verbally abusing their peers with sexual innuendos now is the time for you to make your adult impression on your kids. Banning them from internet activities such as this creative and interactive one is counterproductive and futile. 

Sheltering your kids now, can only lead to overexposure later. Take part in your kids’ internet story activities and guide them on the creative, responsible use of literary language. If you are already involved in supervising or assisting with your children’s homework, then you have a head start. Carry on the practice of good parental guidance.